Bruce Sienkowski

2B Studio – Bruce Sienkowski

Bruce Sienkowski, owner of 2B Studio, combines cool design and clever engineering to develop successful products for the marketplace. Their products are designed to be intuitive, engineered to be manufactured efficiently and intended to add value to the user’s experience.

Design Perspective: Why do I design? I am not sure there is anything else to do. Design is in everything and everything is in design. This is not to be misunderstood as simple aesthetic design, but design as a problem-solving discipline, a way of thinking and looking at everyday challenges. Design is a holistic endeavor. As a designer I can have an effect on all aspects of life.

Design is about relationships: relationships of materials to materials, parts to parts, users to products and people to people. Once we understand this, we can provide designs that meet the needs of the user and understand how the user will become excited about the relationship that can be developed with the design solution.